Dash Cycles Carbon Briefcase

We designed this case to be our expression of the ultimate briefcase, and we used it to display our ultra-premium cycling products at a trade show. I assisted in the whole fabrication process: mold making, carbon lay-up, finishing/polishing, metal work, and sewing. I designed the linkage hinge, inspired by bicycle suspension linkage design.

3k plain-weave carbon | 6061 Aluminum | Suede


Deckard's Blaster - 3D Printed

I was inspired by Adam Savage’s obsession with this object, so I decided to print and finish my own. Design by Andrew Forster.

FDM Printing | Resin Printing | Sanding | Priming | Paint | Gunk Wash Weathering


Custom Painted & Upgraded NERF Blaster

I painted this NERF blaster as a prop for a friend’s bachelor party.

Internal Modifications | Priming | Masking | Painting | Gunk Wash Weathering


Welding Projects

I have designed and welded a number of furniture items.

Mild Welding Steel | MIG


Carbon Splash Protectors

I designed and fabricated these custom-fit splash guards for my car out of carbon fiber.

3k Plain Weave Carbon | Wet Lay-up | Polished clear-coat finish


Carbon Fiber Pen and Case

I set out on this project to make my ultimate pen. It incorporates premium materials, excellent balance + ergonomics, plus a cool mechanical case.

Uni-directional carbon | Polished 6061 aluminum | Neodymium magnets

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