EthicMade/NiteIze Handleband V2

EthicMade asked for me to update the original Handleband's design to accommodate larger phones, provide more stability, and improve its aesthetics.

Iterative CAD Design | Prototyping | User Testing | DFM/DFA



To satisfy my curiosities about multi-rotor flight, I started prototyping quadcopter frames with paper card stock. I eventually developed and sold DIY paper quadcopter kits online for a time. You can find templates and instructions on Instructables.

CAD | Graphic Design | Business Development | Electronics | Foreign Sourcing | Sales + Fulfillment


EthicMade/NiteIze Huck 'N Tuck

I developed EthicMade's original concept of a collapsible ball-throwing arm.

Iterative CAD Design | Prototyping


Dash Cycles

Dash Cycles created some of the world’s lightest and most beautiful cycling components, including saddles, seatposts, hubs, and wheels. My roles there included aesthetic and engineering design, prototyping, and production/assembly optimization.

Composite Lay-up | CNC | Metal Machining | Component Sourcing



The makers of the original FLYT Solo asked me to help improve the Solo's compatibility with a wider range of bathroom implements, as well as minimize the the tendency for those implements to shift askew when placed in the Solo.

Iterative CAD Design | Prototyping | DFM/DFA


EthicMade IceBreaker Scraper Head

EthicMade needed to design a robust ice-scraper head to match its sturdy IceBreaker handle. Together we developed a combined shovel+scraper head design that we believe is the best solution for motorists who regularly experience severe winters.

Iterative CAD design | 3D Printing | DFM/DFA | Overseas Injection Molding


EthicMade Polar Claw V2

EthicMade  requested a redesign of the original Polar Claw to improve the user experience, improve its aesthetics, and minimize the amount of material used in manufacturing to help reduce per-unit costs.

Iterative CAD Design | Prototyping | DFM/DFA | User Testing | Factory Communication


EthicMade MasonPress

EthicMade brought me the concept of an accessory for a standard straight-walled Mason jar to convert it into a french press. I developed this design from concept to fully-manufacturable model with elegance and a premium feel in mind. It includes several materials, including stainless steel, white oak, and brass.

Iterative CAD Design | Prototyping | DFM/DFA | User Testing | Factory Communication


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